Weak Days

Weak Days

11 January 2022

Thank you for your questions about how to make #BigMuscles & #BigMoney.

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Another Weak Day, get killed on #Gameday & #HiringDay.

Weak Days are the biggest threat to you & your team. Weak Days are the absence of Training Days, where you lose to temptation and Fail To Appear at the gym, practice, and/or classroom. And Weak Days are mediocre, half-ass Training Days where you have fun and get absolutely nothing done.

The Post-Modern Obsession with having fun is one of the top 51 reasons why teams come undone. The Post-Modern Obsession with having fun is one of the top 51 reasons why teams lose more than they won. Post-Modern Society brainwashes you to believe their AssBackWard Mentality of fun Training Days – socialize, play on your phone, shoot more stripper selfies of flexing posing and exposing talk about where you went on vacation going what bought they who won last night big game tv binged food-alcohol-drugs pissed off at work work. the party mentality training days is fun mentality. don take it seriously until get killed gameday hiring day.>

One of the beauties of working out alone is not having to rely of your team fucking around and destroying your work. Working out is an individual sport governed by the Law of Proportion – the more you lift, the stronger you get. The less you lift, the weaker you get. The individual sport of Working Out puts the onus on you to get stronger, not your team, not your coaches.  You decide your playing time, your workout time, your starter time. Not some guy wearing a shirt with ‘coach’ printed on it. I have coached myself during my entire 52-year workout streak to never, ever give another human control over how I workout, where, when, with who, or how much. I decide my own playing time, starting time, workout time, not somebody else. Working out is a Sacred Experience that must be fully experienced without the juvenile interruptions of those who can’t take training seriously or themselves seriously.

Taught over 25,000 students & athletes:

Have more fun, then wonder why the other team won.

You have two choices every day – be a social media follower or follow your heart. Post-Modern Society brainwashes you to count followers to measure how much you count. Social media followers follow each other to kill time, to escape from reality, to avoid doing the heavy lifting & the heavy learning. The more you follow followers, the less it leads anywhere. Don’t wait to learn your lesson by consenting to getting killed on Gameday & Hiring Day. When you get knocked out of contention, your social media followers and who you follow on social media won’t save your ass. They will only make you weaker.

More Weak days, more bleak days.

The only way to understand the true definition of fun is to eliminate Weak Days so you don’t suffer Hell Days on GameDays and Hiring Days.

Your choice. Toughest exercise is free will. Free will isn’t free. Either way, free will costs a fortune.

Hope this answers your questions.

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